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  1. 2021.12.02 Feeple60 - 2022 Motion Body Pose
  2. 2016.12.03 FeePle60 Cygne - Vampire Head
  3. 2016.11.29 New Feeple60 - Cygne
  4. 2015.12.18 Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls "Lunnula Moonbeams‏ ”
  5. 2015.11.02 FeePle60 - Lacrima Vampire Head
  6. 2015.10.23 FeePle60 - Lacrima(Tears of Raven)
  7. 2015.10.16 New FeePle60 "Tears of Raven" - 2015.10.23 Scheduled to open"
  8. 2014.12.18 Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls " Sionna Fomhar.”
  9. 2014.07.23 2014 Summer Juri Event Information [Elf heads are ADDED]
  10. 2014.07.19 Moe60 - Celine & Rin Full Package Coming Soon ...

Feeple60 - 2022 Motion Body Pose

Feeple60 2021. 12. 2. 10:25

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FeePle60 Cygne - Vampire Head

Feeple60 2016. 12. 3. 13:39

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New Feeple60 - Cygne

Feeple60 2016. 11. 29. 16:35
Feeple60 - Cygne (preview)

This works of Cygne, it's one of Lacrima series of Sylphe du Sud (Minami) in Fairy's Atelier.
MiniFee Liria head has been tranformed to Feeple 60
with her own name Cygne.
We hope your interest to this new doll.^^

Sculptor : G.O(Il Hyung, Cho)
Face Sculptor : Hae
Painter : Ko KangYong
Assistant. : Seung Hyuen, Song , Forin Flow
Director&Photo : Kim SunHwa
Concept Design & Costume : Sunny Day, Sylphe du Sud (Minami)
Video Shooting : Abel Choryeon , Val jim
Video Editing : Abel Choryeon
Music : Val Jim
Creative Producer : Kim SunHwa
Produced by CP Media
©2016 CP/Fairyland

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Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls "Lunnula Moonbeams‏ ”

Feeple60 2015. 12. 18. 15:44


It’s me again, Chief Producer of CP/FairyLand. 

I hope you still recall the time when I posted the exciting news about our collaboration work with Victoria Frances about a year ago just this time of the year (If you don’t, the post is still available for view at http://dollfairyland.tistory.com/157page). 

And I am more than happy to introduce our second project [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] of MANDRAKMOORS, thanks to Victoria who inspires us everyday. [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] project underwent numerous trials and errors, perhaps more than usual to create a perfect artwork that truly reflects delicate concept design of the artist. In the end, we are just glad to have recreated her work as a team thanks to our design, sculpting and makeup team. My only wish is that we have successfully shown our capability to deliver what the artist originally intended to express. 

[ Lunnula Moonbeams ] is planned to be released as a Designer‘s Complete* Package (DC : Full Package + Art Complete + Art Eye) similar to Sionna Fomhar during 2016 Winter Event.  

Val Jim, our in-house music director, carried heavy burdens to depict Lunnula’s particular tone and decided to recruit ‘ Darkness ’ from his band for the Spanish guitar and electronic guitar session. I would like to personally thank Darkness for his acceptance to play the session, without any moment of hesitation. 

The youtube link of [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] is available for view at https://youtu.be/KeBNUcK6FWg page. 

More information from the artist is also available from her Facebook page at 

I will keep you posted with news about our next project in near future. 

In the meantime, we wish all lovers and supporters of CP/FairyLand dolls 
a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 


I would also like to extend a special gratitude to Oscar and Vincente for lending a hand during busy time.

Designer's Complete refers to handmade items crafted from FairyLand's art studio that is not available for purchase otherwise. For instance, necklace and hood tail items marked as 'white metal' on Sionna's sales page have been crafted from FairyLand's art studio based on Victoria Francés' original design. 







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FeePle60 - Lacrima Vampire Head

Feeple60 2015. 11. 2. 15:28

FeePle60 - Lacrima Vampire Head


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FeePle60 - Lacrima(Tears of Raven)

Feeple60 2015. 10. 23. 14:48

Dear Customers,

This is chief producer of CP/Fairyland.

We are happy to introduce Feeple60 – Lacrima (tears of Raven).

Lacrima (Tears of Raven) has been designed to celebrate 5th year anniversary of “Sylphe du sud” (HheJueng, Cho), designer behind creations of Fairy’s Atelier, based on her long-desired concept and design.

In Korean Shamanism, Raven is considered as numinous bird who delivers the will of God. At the same time, Raven is the symbol of foreboding who leads the dead sprits ironically.

In order to express these two opposite images of Raven, beautiful but gloomy, our designers (Sunny Day, Sylphe du Syd, Hye) have made different attempts by attaching natural feathers on costumes and dying mohair in order to have the wig that matches well with the image of Lacrima (Tears of Raven.)

The concept of Lacrima (Tears of Raven) is that she is a guide leading sorrowful spirits to their incarnation and weeps with sympathy by sharing the grief of the spirits.

In order to get the pictures full of lonely and solitary ambience, our sculptors, G.O (Il Hyung, Cho) and French Doll (Young Ju, Kim), have made a gloomy and mysterious background with dry branches and dead leaves.

Val Jim has created a very beautiful music that goes along with its lonely concept, and the nice touch of Abel Choryeon on the pictures that I’ve taken has completed the image by adding gloomy ambience.(CP Media will be available after 8PM (KST) of 24th October, 2015)

 I’d like to express my gratitude to our staffs who made enormous efforts for the birth of Lacrima (Tears of Raven).

Thank you for your support for our CP/Fairyland as well as for Lacrima (Tears of Raven.)









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New FeePle60 "Tears of Raven" - 2015.10.23 Scheduled to open"

Feeple60 2015. 10. 16. 21:17

New FeePle60 "Tears of Raven" - 2015.10.23 Scheduled to open



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Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls " Sionna Fomhar.”

Feeple60 2014. 12. 18. 20:56

Dear customers,

This is the chief Producer of CP/Fairyland. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote on the blog.

I’m really happy to be able to inform all of you about this event that I have expected for a longtime.

Actually, I’ve wished to work with certain designers for BJD and Victoria Francés is one of the designers who I’ve wished. Actually, we have planned to proceed a collaboration with Victoria Francés some years ago through a Japanese company, but it could not be completed due to the internal situation of that company with regret. Frankly, it was really disappointing at that time….

But now, I am really really excited and glad to realize the doll of Victoria Francés after years’ of waiting and finally launch the doll named “Sionna Fomhar.”

During the development of this project, our team as well as I has worked with enthusiasm and great pleasure. But at the same time, we have worried also if we would be able to well realize Sionna into doll with its profound feeling of MandrakMoors universe designed by Victoria Francés. A lot of meetings have been taking place, our designers have searched every market to find the appropriate fabrics and materials for Sionna, and sculptors had to experienced several mistakes to get the perfect molds.

And finally, Sionna is ready to be opened for publics.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all our team who showed the best team work for this project. Also, I appreciate Victoria Francés for her encouragement and compliments for this project. ^.^

This project is presented as “Designer’s Complete”. (call as DC from below)

DC is composed with Full Package + Art Complete + Art Eye, and it is the entire work realized following the illustrations and intension of original designer. It is not a simple work, but I wish that the impression that I have had from the illustration does get across our customers by DC.

We are planning to proceed another collaborations with Victoria Francés for the universe of MandrakMoors. Please get interested in our following project continuously and your support will be the strongest energy for us.

We have had a lot of help for this project, and I have to appreciate especially Mr.Oscar Valiente who made a big effort for the contract.

I am very excited to finally make public with this new project, so I wrote a little bit long…. ;-)

If you want to discover MandrakMoors universe more, you can visit the Facebook of Victoria Francés.


Then, I will come back to you with the news of the next project soon.

I wish you a happy Christmas for all our fans of CP/Fairyland.






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2014 Summer Juri Event Information [Elf heads are ADDED]

Feeple60 2014. 7. 23. 14:36


1. Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced;

a. $350 or above: PukiFee Juri face



b. $450 or above: LittleFee Juri face




c. $600 or above: Wings (Compatible with LittleFee and MiniFee)









d. $600 or above: MiniFee Juri head (Soony Elf)


e. $800 or above: FeePle60 Juri head (Soony Elf)



f. $1,000 or above: TWO items from a~e

g. $1,700 or above: ALL items from a~e


h. Gift for All FeePle60 Moe(Full Package or Moe60 Body) orderer 

                                             - High heeled feet & High heeled resin shoes(Black Color)




- Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

- One order is eligible for one event gift of designated price or lower.

- Chosen event gift must be included together in the order cart to receive it.

- Order containing a wrong event gift will be cancelled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

- Changes in event gift types or skin tone is not possible after the order is placed.

- Existing orders (at item processing stage) can also participate in the event if;
* the order is not participating in other previously released event.
* new order containing event gift of eligible price needs to be placed, with request for combined shipping with    existing order.
* addition of event gift will affect the processing time and shipping may be delayed slightly as a result of it.


2. Event Promotion Price

- Special launch sale price of 5% discount on FeePle60 Moe Line products;

Moe Basic: $498 (from original price of $525)

Rin, Celine Full Package: $823 (from original price of $867)

Total of 300 FeePle60 Moe Body products - 164 Moe Basic and 136 Full Packages (Rin and Celine combined) will be available.
There are 5 heads (Rin, Celine, Miyu, Chloe, Mirwen) are available to choose for FeePle60 Moe Basic.

* Please note: Moe Line products are available in limited numbers to minimize processing delay.


3. Event promotion for FeePle60 Moe products

- DOUBLE FairyLand points for all FeePle60 Moe body products ordered during the course of the event (adjusted automatically).  

- FREE SHIPPING for all orders containing FeePle60 Moe products (both Basic and Full Packages), including EMS premium shipping zone orders. 

- FREE matching blank sleeping head for FeePle60 Moe Full Package products.
ie. Blank Celine Sleeping head will be provided at no extra cost for Celine Full Package, and vice versa. Makeup for sleeping head can be added at extra cost if desired.

- FREE Rin Elf Head (open eyes)
OR Celine Elf Head (open eyes) for orders containing BOTH Rin and Celine Full Packages (randomly selected). 

- FREE Rin Elf Head (open eyes)
AND Celine Elf Head (open eyes) for orders with total of $2,000 or higher AND containing BOTH Rin and Celine Full Packages.

- FREE High heeled feet (in matching skin tone of ordered Feeple60 Moe line) AND High heels (Black) for each Feeple60 Moe Line doll purchase. 

*Please note : High heeled feet and high heels (red) will be available for sale separately.


FeePle60 Moe Body products will be available during 2014 Summer Event. Future release schedule is not planned at this stage. Price will change to back original if re-released again in the future.

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Moe60 - Celine & Rin Full Package Coming Soon ...

Feeple60 2014. 7. 19. 17:22






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