New Feeple60 - Cygne

Feeple60 2016.11.29 16:35
Feeple60 - Cygne (preview)

This works of Cygne, it's one of Lacrima series of Sylphe du Sud (Minami) in Fairy's Atelier.
MiniFee Liria head has been tranformed to Feeple 60
with her own name Cygne.
We hope your interest to this new doll.^^

Sculptor : G.O(Il Hyung, Cho)
Face Sculptor : Hae
Painter : Ko KangYong
Assistant. : Seung Hyuen, Song , Forin Flow
Director&Photo : Kim SunHwa
Concept Design & Costume : Sunny Day, Sylphe du Sud (Minami)
Video Shooting : Abel Choryeon , Val jim
Video Editing : Abel Choryeon
Music : Val Jim
Creative Producer : Kim SunHwa
Produced by CP Media
©2016 CP/Fairyland