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2010.12.07 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

LittleFee 2010. 12. 7. 18:06

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

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  1. mardoll 2010.12.09 23:38 Modify/Delete Reply

    Ooh they are simply cute!^_^
    When will they be on sale!

  2. Dustbunnie 2010.12.10 00:05 Modify/Delete Reply

    They are absolutely adorable. I especially love the girl. I really really wish I had the money to buy her fullset as soon as they are released. Sigh! Once again you guys are screwing up my plans for new dolls.

  3. Jinjin 2010.12.10 02:31 Modify/Delete Reply

    Loving the boy >_< The girl is adorable too, but the boy has definitely won me over. I can hardly wait til we know of the details of the winter event >_<

  4. in2themystik2 2010.12.17 02:25 Modify/Delete Reply

    The little girl Luna is so cute! I love her dress and have ordered her full set! I can't wait until she arrives! :) Is there any chance of seeing a picture of the LTF with the event gift wings on, to see how they work and the size? Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts!!

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2010.12.06 - Feeple65 body pose - 2

FeePle65 2010. 12. 6. 16:43

사용자 삽입 이미지

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  1. Neki-chan 2010.12.06 23:04 Modify/Delete Reply

    Viewing the body as well, I like it better.

    I miss only the shoulder joint, the joint in the thigh that men do have, and a wider hip.

    and ¿This body will be compatible with Delf heads?

  2. SmoteyMote 2010.12.07 01:43 Modify/Delete Reply

    I do have a question?! Why is there no second torso joint for the girls. It's why I fell in love with the MNF bodies. And like Neki-chan already mentioned, what about the the thigh joint that the men have? I feel like the male body is outstanding but the female body lacks so much in comparison.

    That being said, I do like the shape of the body and that, despite missing the torso and thing pieces has a decent range of motion.

  3. Day 2010.12.08 13:06 Modify/Delete Reply

    The body is truly beautiful and very sexy. Seems to be able to move a lot.
    Unfortunately the knees joint is not look as smooth as boy body ): Girls always wear skirt and show beautiful legs. Seeing circle joint on her knees are quite sad to me D: It would be wonderful if CP could hide that part inside the knees like boy body.

  4. Lee 2010.12.09 05:05 Modify/Delete Reply

    It's a shame that FeePle65 girl body misses two joints that MNF girls have. She misses some poses MNF girls could easily do..

    Yet I think the body looks great! Proportion is very good and sculpt is lovely as well.
    The head is really beautiful too.. she jumps on my "to buy" list :)

  5. 익명 2010.12.13 05:12 Modify/Delete Reply


  6. Lisa 2010.12.21 20:12 Modify/Delete Reply

    Hello! I love this body, and I've waited for it such a long time... I have only MiniFees because I love their body and the posability they have. And these are like minifee's but larger! The sculpts are beautiful too, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing other face-sculpts, if I find ones that matches my characters I might rethink my whole collection and upgrade them to the 65-body.

    Really good work with the bodies. You are the best! Keep doing what you do. <3 <3 <3

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2010.12.05 - Feeple65 body pose - 1

FeePle65 2010. 12. 5. 16:16
사용자 삽입 이미지
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  1. curious 2010.12.06 04:45 Modify/Delete Reply

    i hope there will be also the non muscolar version ^-^

  2. in2themystik2 2010.12.06 05:31 Modify/Delete Reply

    What a beefcake! haha ;) Nice posing! I've never had a larger doll this size, but I'm sure I will start considering it in the future! I want to see the female posing too!

  3. hanahanako 2010.12.06 05:41 Modify/Delete Reply

    I want photos of her D:

  4. Sabreisk 2010.12.06 07:02 Modify/Delete Reply

    I really hope there will be a normal ears option. That is the one thing that is keeping me from buying it.

  5. 익명 2010.12.07 07:39 Modify/Delete Reply


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2010.12.04 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

LittleFee 2010. 12. 4. 15:30
사용자 삽입 이미지
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  1. madaise 2010.12.05 02:11 Modify/Delete Reply

    Just Lovely! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Salyma 2010.12.05 11:28 Modify/Delete Reply

    Ah, I'm dying for more teasers! I love Littlefee!

  3. Jinjin 2010.12.05 12:46 Modify/Delete Reply

    Need. More. Pictures. I'm hoping for more teaser pics (and event announcements) soon! I absolutely love the dreamy look the boy has X-D

  4. in2themystik2 2010.12.06 05:35 Modify/Delete Reply

    OMG! Love! I can't wait to see more pictures of these two! That girl just might derail my current Fairyland ordering plans after I see more of her!

  5. eva76 2010.12.06 19:52 Modify/Delete Reply

    Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need more pic, and need pukifee!!!! Pukifee bisou please!!!

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2010.12.03 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

Realpuki 2010. 12. 3. 13:36
사용자 삽입 이미지
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  1. 익명 2010.12.12 22:21 Modify/Delete Reply


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2010.12.03 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

pukipuki 2010. 12. 3. 13:34
사용자 삽입 이미지
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  1. rhubsknit 2010.12.12 04:51 Modify/Delete Reply

    I love these outfits when are these sets coming out? I am new here and don't know if these will be sets to order or if the clothes will be sold separately? Love them. Please let me know???

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2010.12.02 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

FeePle65 2010. 12. 2. 17:33

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

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2010.12.01 - Today's Photos ^-^;;

FeePle65 2010. 12. 1. 18:28
사용자 삽입 이미지
사용자 삽입 이미지

Dear customers,

This announcement is regarding our new line-up, FeePle 65.

Some photographs of FeePle 65 have been released on FairyLand blog (http://dollfairyland.tistory.com/) rather unexpectedly, which would have surprised many of our customers waiting for 60+cm sized dolls.

FairyLand has not yet received more detailed information about this exciting new doll line-up from Cerberus Project, and hence we are unable to answer any questions and queries at this stage. We will post more information up at the notice board as soon as we receive more details from Cerberus Project.

Please note that current "FeePle" line-up name will be changed to "FeePle70" when FeePle65 is updated.

We are hoping to make updates around December 15 as mentioned in the blog. We would like to let you know that we are also preparing for new dolls other than FeePle65 ^^

Thank you for your continuing support in FairyLand. Have a great day!

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  1. 익명 2010.12.01 20:41 Modify/Delete Reply


  2. Sabreisk 2010.12.04 06:45 Modify/Delete Reply

    the guy has such a nice chest! ♥

  3. Sara 2010.12.07 07:24 Modify/Delete Reply

    That girl, I will not be able to pass up. Jumping on board to order the second she's up for sale!!! :)

  4. Sara 2010.12.10 08:10 Modify/Delete Reply

    Btw, I have never been so anxious for the release of a doll D; WEDNESDAY, PLEASE COME FASTER.

  5. Lisa 2010.12.21 20:20 Modify/Delete Reply

    I really really like this photograph of the girl. She looks so magical! I love the arm decoration. And the face, it's still the CP-style, but more mature. Love it! <3

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more picture...Just a moment, please~~~ ^-^;;

FeePle65 2010. 11. 30. 19:22

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

사용자 삽입 이미지

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  1. Illves 2010.11.30 22:13 Modify/Delete Reply

    You're really making many people very happy with this line of dolls, they look absolutely beautiful!
    The curves and the details are simply fantastic, I can't wait to see rest of the pictures. :)

  2. lpyan 2010.12.01 14:11 Modify/Delete Reply

    I wonder if they are interchangeable with Delf heads?
    Wanna substitute that with my Delf girl body!

  3. Dinwe 2010.12.01 17:46 Modify/Delete Reply

    I´d like to ask the same! Will they be interchangeable with Delf heads? (crosses fingers for yes)
    Would love to get my Yder one of those wonderfull bodies!

  4. Neki-chan 2010.12.02 05:13 Modify/Delete Reply

    I Like very much the girl body, with an exceptions... The Elbows are Horrible, in my opinión. T^T I want it'll be like Minifée Perfect Elbows.

    The body of the boy don't like me :S

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