Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls " Sionna Fomhar.”

Feeple60 2014.12.18 20:56

Dear customers,

This is the chief Producer of CP/Fairyland. It’s been a while since the last time I wrote on the blog.

I’m really happy to be able to inform all of you about this event that I have expected for a longtime.

Actually, I’ve wished to work with certain designers for BJD and Victoria Francés is one of the designers who I’ve wished. Actually, we have planned to proceed a collaboration with Victoria Francés some years ago through a Japanese company, but it could not be completed due to the internal situation of that company with regret. Frankly, it was really disappointing at that time….

But now, I am really really excited and glad to realize the doll of Victoria Francés after years’ of waiting and finally launch the doll named “Sionna Fomhar.”

During the development of this project, our team as well as I has worked with enthusiasm and great pleasure. But at the same time, we have worried also if we would be able to well realize Sionna into doll with its profound feeling of MandrakMoors universe designed by Victoria Francés. A lot of meetings have been taking place, our designers have searched every market to find the appropriate fabrics and materials for Sionna, and sculptors had to experienced several mistakes to get the perfect molds.

And finally, Sionna is ready to be opened for publics.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all our team who showed the best team work for this project. Also, I appreciate Victoria Francés for her encouragement and compliments for this project. ^.^

This project is presented as “Designer’s Complete”. (call as DC from below)

DC is composed with Full Package + Art Complete + Art Eye, and it is the entire work realized following the illustrations and intension of original designer. It is not a simple work, but I wish that the impression that I have had from the illustration does get across our customers by DC.

We are planning to proceed another collaborations with Victoria Francés for the universe of MandrakMoors. Please get interested in our following project continuously and your support will be the strongest energy for us.

We have had a lot of help for this project, and I have to appreciate especially Mr.Oscar Valiente who made a big effort for the contract.

I am very excited to finally make public with this new project, so I wrote a little bit long…. ;-)

If you want to discover MandrakMoors universe more, you can visit the Facebook of Victoria Francés.

Then, I will come back to you with the news of the next project soon.

I wish you a happy Christmas for all our fans of CP/Fairyland.