Minifee - Nanuri Event Head

Event Gift 2021. 11. 30. 17:46

You can choose one Nanuri Event head(facial expression head) between
"Soo Dark Elf" and "Chiwoo Elf".


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Notice - Sorry to have troubled you

CP Now 2021. 8. 17. 15:08

Hello, this is Chief Producer of CP/FairLand. 

First of all, I am sorry about the delayed reply regarding the matter. As some of you are aware, 
English is not my first language. I would appreciate it if you could kindly 
understand that it has taken me ages to read all the replies and emails via google translate as well 
as the Naver Papago application to cross check in order to make this statement. 

I'm not good at making a concise statement so 'll cut to the conclusion and go into length in 
detail in the later part of the statement. 

At CP/FairyLand, including me, every single staff respects "Freedom of Creation by individuals". 
It is totally up to your free will to customise doll heads, customise fantasy parts and 
make your hands and feet part of your needs without needing to ask anyone. 

Also, we have no reasons to get involved in personal trades between individuals about customised parts. 

We gladly welcome manufacturing and sales of wigs, clothes, shoes and eyes that are compatible 
with our dolls between individuals and companies. 

There is no problem of customisation of head and fantasy parts for other company dolls and vice versa. 

However, we object to the idea of recasting customised head, hand and feet parts to sell them in
large quantities. Our EES (Easy Eject System) system is seldomly used by us amongst all bjd doll companies and we were one of the first to incorporate Mag-on + hands and feet locking mechanism systems
(the bulge so that you don't lose them easily) which are essential to our doll design.
We are saying NO to the company(ies) that 'borrows' this design to recast and sell in large quantities.
If you are an individual seller, please contact us first before the sale; as long as the particular customisation doesn't contain any racism/hatred/or such ideas,
we can issue a recognised certificate sticker like Apple's MFI certificate for the third party accessory parts. 

We are deeply troubled to learn that our recent announcement caused an upheaval in the bjd community
and very sorry that our wording failed to deliver what we originally intended to speak about.
Initially, we were contacted by a customer about a certain company selling compatible fantasy parts
who claimed to have 'FairyLand's approval' which wasn't true at all.
We were making a notice in haste and we are very sorry
that this has been seen as an attempt to violate individual freedom of creativity.
Personally, I believe that the clear resin customised parts for Cetaurs in question are quite all right.
This is because it doesn't violate our essential design ideas of EES and Mag-on
locking mechanism as previously explained.
I've seen the instagram and hope to be contacted by the seller
(for the official approval certificate, and not some dubious wording that FairyLand
approved it and said it's okay). 

I am personally thankful to everyone's well wishes and support on the comment 
I left back in April 2020 about continuity of the company. 
I don't think there will be another hardship like the one we faced back in 2020 
but we do surf waves of challenges at all times. 
But our team strives to do our best because we remember your kind words and support 
each and every time when we want to give up. 

I think that the dolls you purchase are not just a mere product casted in the factory but a piece of artwork, 
created together by various artists with years of experience. Creation of a doll which involves manufacturing, 
processing, makeup and packaging consumes about more than a day not including time spent on design, 
sculpting, costume and accessory designing and manufacturing, as well as making pairs of eyes. 

Believe it or not, Il Hyung, CHO (who has 28 years of experience), the mastermind of all of CP/FairyLand dolls spend processing and assembly of dolls in the morning and works on various sculpting projects 
in the afternoon. And basically, our sculpting team works on the same schedule. 

Supporting recast is downright disrespect to our artists, solemnly working on their task. 
We are not authorising nor ignoring the issue but unfortunately, 
we just can't physically put an end to such practice. Even with copyleft ideology, 
I still do not understand support for recasting… 

There may be several reasons why we may not be able to meet your satisfaction but please understand 
that we are really doing our utmost best.

At CP/FairyLand, we welcome all your support and criticisms. 
I will even heartfully listen to slurs directed to the company or even me 
but please respect the creators and artists.

Once again, we emphasize that it is a creator's joy to watch our creations reach its full potential through 
various customisations and mods through the hands of other genius artists. 
"At CP/FairyLand, individual freedom of creation is always respected."

Thank you.

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Minifee & Feeple65 - Shoes Image

CP Now 2021. 7. 2. 16:01

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