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  1. 2019.01.02 JP shop 1st Aniversary Special Event Head for customers who purchase Honoka full package
  2. 2018.12.21 Erda Head + Feeple60 Moe Body
  3. 2018.12.20 FeePle60 Rendia (Wind of Hope) Shoes
  4. 2018.11.23 18/19 Winter Event Heads
  5. 2018.11.22 Feeple60 New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose
  6. 2018.09.27 2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)
  7. 2018.09.27 MiniFee Hwayu Package Parts
  8. 2018.06.15 CP/Fairyland Japan : QCシートのお知らせ
  9. 2018.06.14 Fairyline New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose
  10. 2018.06.08 CP - 2018.06.08 : QC sheet notice

JP shop 1st Aniversary Special Event Head for customers who purchase Honoka full package

분류없음 2019.01.02 17:51

Erda Head + Feeple60 Moe Body

분류없음 2018.12.21 13:59

FeePle60 Rendia (Wind of Hope) Shoes

분류없음 2018.12.20 15:29

18/19 Winter Event Heads

분류없음 2018.11.23 15:01

a. $200 or above: 2019 Calendar - Limited to 350

b. $600 or above: MiniFee Head 1 - Limited to 300

c. $600 or above: MiniFee Head 2 - Limited to 300

d. $800 or above: Feeple60 Head - Limited to 250

e. $2,000 or above: ALL items from a~d (one of each)

Feeple60 New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose

Feeple60 2018.11.22 13:20

2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)

MineFee 2018.09.27 15:06

MiniFee Hwayu Package Parts

MineFee 2018.09.27 14:59

CP/Fairyland Japan : QCシートのお知らせ

분류없음 2018.06.15 15:30


CP/Fairyland Japanです。( http://cpfairyland.co.jp/)


























Fairyline New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose

Fairy Line 2018.06.14 15:41

CP - 2018.06.08 : QC sheet notice

분류없음 2018.06.08 14:01

Hello ~ !

This is CP (Chief Producer) of CP/FairyLand. 

2018 is a year with many changes for us. 

We are sorry for have kept you guys waiting and thank you for staying on. 

Stopping the shopping mall was financially difficult but we managed to use the time well to complete works and work on new developments and projects which we expect to bring out to the public in near future. 

We are well aware of concerned voices as a result of introducing the QC sheet. 

As many of you are well aware of, Chris who works part-time is our only staff who reads, writes and speak English. The only way we can read and reply to your suggestions and ideas is via google translation and thus we ask for your understanding in advance for any misunderstanding that may be caused by translation mistake as a result of using google translator. 

QC sheet is not an excuse or way to avoid complaints despite sending out dolls with damage(s). It has been created to ensure that all our processing staff will have same basis of QC based on quality of orders shipped out from December 15th, 2017 till April 30th, 2018. QC guideline will minimise differences of quality and a new way to show quality of our products most objectively. The QC sheet you have seen is a paraphrased version of this.  

Please note that all dolls manufactured at CP/FairyLand is made by hands. 

QC guideline is there to ensure that workers from each doll line parts can cross check and work on same guideline including manufacturing, processing, packing and quality check. I also believe that customers should be well aware of problems and limits dolls processed by hands have and thus introduced a QC sheet so that customers can only proceed to order only if they agree and comply by its terms. However, if customers feel uncertain and do not have confidence about the system, we will postpone the introduction of “Agreement with Q/C Guideline” until December 31st, 2018. This will come into effect as of January 1st, 2019 (KST). We will get back to you with more detail on our notice board sometime during December of this year. 

At this point, we are undergoing hardship and had to reduce 1/4 of our staff who mostly worked on website and services. Thus, we will be using google translator mostly to communicate. We understand difficulties but we will try our best. Also, we promise to navigate through challenges and be able to bring back our English service. 

We ask for your kind understanding and continuous support.