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  1. 2019.07.26 2019 Summer Event Heads
  2. 2019.07.12 New Lineup "MeowFee : Jack & Yvonne" Coming Soon...
  3. 2019.04.04 FairyLine Klaus Head (Human type)
  4. 2019.01.31 2019 Sarang Event Head
  5. 2019.01.02 JP shop 1st Aniversary Special Event Head for customers who purchase Honoka full package
  6. 2018.12.21 Erda Head + Feeple60 Moe Body
  7. 2018.12.20 FeePle60 Rendia (Wind of Hope) Shoes
  8. 2018.11.23 18/19 Winter Event Heads
  9. 2018.11.22 Feeple60 New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose
  10. 2018.09.27 2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)

2019 Summer Event Heads

분류없음 2019.07.26 13:13

Feeple60 Head


Minifee Head

New Lineup "MeowFee : Jack & Yvonne" Coming Soon...

분류없음 2019.07.12 18:16

Hello, this is Chief Producer of CP/FairyLand. 

It’s been a long time since I wrote last time. The weather in Seoul is boiling hot and I wonder how everyone else around the world is doing. 

This year is rather a significant year, which marks the 20th anniversary since me, G.O, (Cho Il Hyung) who creates all master moulds of FairyLand dolls, and French Doll (Kim Young Ju), who is responsible for master moulds for figurine, found together [ Ceberus Project ]. We were in our mid/late 20s but have reached mid/late 40s at this point. There are always new obstacles to overcome every year when running a workshop and trying to stay on the road. We worry and struggle trying to figure out how to continue working and thanks to your support, we’ve managed to stay on so far. We are truly grateful for this. We do not know how long we’ll be able to continue but while we are on it, we will be working hard and enjoy loving what we do. 

Those of you who’ve been following my FaceBook account will know this already but our studio welcomed an elderly but nevertheless an adorable new member last year (2018). ^^

He’s a 8 years old Siamese cat, named Jack who joined us through circumstances non of his fault; he is probably around the same age as us considering his cat age in human years. He has a special place in our heart as Jack was always there to comfort and cheer us up during last year and this year, which have been particularly difficult time for us. 

To commemorate Jack and to share our joyous memory with all of you, we are introducing a new line, “MeowFee.” 

We intended to create a doll like our Jack(the cat) and hence the first doll is named as “Jack.” The only downside is that “MeowFee” requires total of 46 doll parts that has the most number of parts that can be processed and assembled by only two members of our sculpting team - Cho Il Hyung and Song Seung Hyung -who were behind creating the master mould of “MeowFee.”

Due to intricate level of complexity and skillmanship as well as processing time that will affect our overall processing schedule, the sale price will be expansive and quantity will be limited (150 ~ 180 MeowFee will be available for sale during this Summer Event period fyi). We are sorry about inconveniences caused and ask for your understanding of the situation in advance. We will try to schedule next “MeowFee” sale around sometime in winter and take pre-orders 2~3 times a year in limited quantity in future.

More detail will be available through our Website Team along with Summer Event Notice. Your patience would be greatly appreciated. 

*. I hope to speak again soon and thank you once again for all your support, as always.

FairyLine Klaus Head (Human type)

분류없음 2019.04.04 13:30

2019 Sarang Event Head

분류없음 2019.01.31 11:54

JP shop 1st Aniversary Special Event Head for customers who purchase Honoka full package

분류없음 2019.01.02 17:51

Erda Head + Feeple60 Moe Body

분류없음 2018.12.21 13:59

FeePle60 Rendia (Wind of Hope) Shoes

분류없음 2018.12.20 15:29

18/19 Winter Event Heads

분류없음 2018.11.23 15:01

a. $200 or above: 2019 Calendar - Limited to 350

b. $600 or above: MiniFee Head 1 - Limited to 300

c. $600 or above: MiniFee Head 2 - Limited to 300

d. $800 or above: Feeple60 Head - Limited to 250

e. $2,000 or above: ALL items from a~d (one of each)

Feeple60 New Boy-Body (Motion Body) Pose

Feeple60 2018.11.22 13:20

2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)

MineFee 2018.09.27 15:06