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  1. 2017.12.27 RealFee Luan & Eva heads
  2. 2016.06.13 RealFée Sleeping & Winking Heads
  3. 2015.06.01 RealFée Sleeping Heads
  4. 2015.05.29 Designer's colour(mint)
  5. 2015.05.29 2015 RealFée Release Event Information
  6. 2015.05.27 RealFee Head Change Pic ...
  7. 2015.05.27 RealFee with ... Size Comparison
  8. 2015.05.19 "RealFee" Coming Soon ...
  9. 2015.05.15 "RealFee" SoSo and PuPu & Specification
  10. 2015.05.14 New Lineup "RealFee" Coming Soon ...

RealFee Luan & Eva heads

RealFee 2017.12.27 15:31



RealFée Sleeping & Winking Heads

RealFee 2016.06.13 17:07

June Winking Head

Haru Sleeping Head

RealFée Sleeping Heads

RealFee 2015.06.01 13:27

Pano Sleeping Head

May Sleeping Head

Pupu Sleeping Head

Soso Sleeping Head

Designer's colour(mint)

RealFee 2015.05.29 18:35








2015 RealFée Release Event Information

RealFee 2015.05.29 16:29

a1. $350 or above : PukiFée Soso Faceplate

a2. $350 or above : PukiFée Pupu Faceplate

b1. $450 or above : LittleFée Soso Faceplate

b2. $450 or above : LittleFée Pupu Faceplate

c. $600 or above : MiniFée RFA 2015 Head

d. $1500 or above : Choice of All 5 items from a ~ c (one item each)

RealFee Head Change Pic ...

RealFee 2015.05.27 19:33



RealFee with ... Size Comparison

RealFee 2015.05.27 19:00



"RealFee" Coming Soon ...

RealFee 2015.05.19 19:42




"RealFee" SoSo and PuPu & Specification

RealFee 2015.05.15 18:03




New Lineup "RealFee" Coming Soon ...

RealFee 2015.05.14 21:13

Dear customers, 

Hello! This is the chief producer of CP/Fairyland. 

First of all, we would like to express our deep appreciation of your continuing interest and support of our work. 

Today, we are happy to introduce our brand new line-up “RealFee”.

After 7 months of development by CP/Fairyland sculpture team & Fairy’s Atelier design team in order to realize numerous creative ideas, “RealFee” will be finally released at the end of May. 

A new ECS (Easy Change System) has been incorporated in order to facilitate swift interchange of the lower half of the body and EES (Easy Eject System) to allow interchange of the faceplate and the head (faceplate + headback) easier. 
The new design of RealFee head system aims to maximise effectiveness of EES interchange change system between normal heads and fantasy heads. 

Moreover, you will be able to make more out of our unique “my own fairy” option for both male and female RealFee.  

Together with this notice, we release introductory pictures of RealFee body.

Please note that we are preparing the pre-order event planned to be held at the end of May. More detailed information will be available at the time and any CS board questions and email inquiries regarding May event and RealFee will not be answered until Event notice is posted. 

Thank you for reading and see you soon !