New Steam Age - Real Puki Coming Soon ...

Realpuki 2014. 5. 10. 18:12





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  1. sweet_faery 2014.05.11 19:01 Modify/Delete Reply

    Wow! I love the second one because he looks like a mixture of Pukipuki and Real Puki!! ♥
    By the way, does this new one come with open hands? Or are these hands items you will add in the Real Puki "parts" section for sale?

  2. wilkies 2014.05.13 06:03 Modify/Delete Reply

    oh wow I love both of them very everything about them the faces, the face-ups the the outfits/shoes and those I always think a realpuki can't be more cute your artists always can make them prettier.....I sure will buy both full sets.

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