Message from Cerberus Project

ChicLine 2010.05.12 19:09

Hello, this is Cerberus Project, the sculpting team for FairyLand.
It's been a while since we have wrote direct messages to our customers. Communicating with customers more frequently was something we always wanted to do but unable to achieve due to the language barrier. But with a help of our two extraordinary International Administrators of FairyLand, Liria and Chris, we hope to create this space for continuing to express our thoughts and to listen to your opinion. We would like to thank you again for your support and for share our story with our loyal customers who have been dedicated to us for a long time.
Our very first post will begin with a story of the upcoming release of Chic Line. We are aware of discussion and talks from various communities and groups regarding our newest line-up. We realize that perhaps this is also the right moment to express our apologies to our long and dedicated loyal customers who have been waiting for the release of 60+cm line for so long. We have been asking for your understanding of the situation and we are more than grateful for all your support.
The release of 60+cm line of BJDs, which are the mainstream dolls of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, is not only eagerly waited by our customers but also by FairyLand team as well as CP the sculpting team. We are aware of many speculations for the reason why this line-up is being neglected and we have never mentioned them whether or not they were true or not. 
60+cm BJDs exist as the mainstream dolls and hence most of doll companies have this size as one of their main line-ups. This means that there has been a significant improvement in both sculpts and structures since the first BJDs.  For this reason, we believe that 60+cm BJDs being created by CP must be unique, for it will carry our name. As one of the oldest sculpting team in the ABJD community, we take pride in our name and quality of our work. Working to create this dream brings us creative inspiration and joy, which differs from sculpting for the sake of business only. This is the biggest reason why Cerberus Project exists as the sculpting team.

Our newest creation, 'Chic Line' is the very evidence of our commitment. Working on this new line-up was challenging yet fun. Numerous sculpting adjustments and improvements were made to bring this unique creation to the world. 'Chic Line' will enable you to see the sort of the 60+cm Line BJDs we will be releasing in the near future.
But please note that Chic Line has its own characters and should not be considered only as a precursor BJD of 60+cm BJDs: Chic line has the multi-head format and Fantasy sequels planned to be released in near future. Our objective was to create a stylish body which can feature both its own C-Line face as well as allowing hybrid creations by using faces from various line-ups at FairyLand. Fantasy world will be also ventured further with Chic Line body system. We have had dolls from other line-ups, such as MiniFee, featured with fantasy outfits and weapons but due to many reasons, we felt that we could achieve more with another line-up better designed for expressing fantasy world theme. 'Chic Line' was developed by going through the process of finding and deciding the ideal size of the doll, followed by designing a unique body system to allow the versatility we needed.

Chic Line is a unique line which we have fallen in love through the course of developing our 60+cm line dolls. Also, we believe that using L-Line faceplate and M-Line head will be just as beautiful and attractive :-) We are aware of the huge demand for the release of the 60+cm. If we have let you down in anyways by delayed release, please accept our humble apologies. We will bring you a good news soon! :-D BUT, we would like to ask for your patience once more in the meantime. We will try our best to satisfy and even outdo your expectations.
I probably have written too much for our International administrators to translate and - oh yes we will hate you for this CP lol - would like to end the post with introduction of Ruru, the new L-Line faceplate to be released with Chic Line.
Thank you for your love and support!

L-Line Face(Ruru)