Fantasy Art Line(Hippogriff) with RealFee

Fantasy Art Line 2016.05.28 19:20

Hello, this is CP / FairyLand’s chief producer. 

I am most delighted to introduce CP / FairyLand’s latest category, [ Fantasy Art Line ]. 

Fantasy Art Line initiated with a dream to create dolls based on various creatures of fantasy world. 

With utmost versatility and pose-ability like many of our previous doll lines in mind, our design team spent a very long time developing this particular line. 

Now that the very first dolls are ready for introduction, I am quite pleased to name the line with a word [ Art ] as an attribute to efforts of our artists and ingenious design they managed to come up with. 

Fantasy Art Line is fully compatible with RealFee line, adding depth to their story line. 

Fantasy Art Line parts that are compatible with RealFee will be marked as [ Fantasy Art “R” Line ] for your information. We are still debating development of Fantasy Art “F” Line on its own. 

The first Fantasy Art Line is a young “Hippogriff”. 

Names of two hippogriffs and RealFee are still undecided at this stage. 

We hope to release them soon with cute names to go with them. :-) 

They are expected to be released around June 7th ~ 15th. 

More detailed announcement will be available from this blog / our website notice board. 

Thank you for your support as always. 

Kind Regards,

Sunhwa Kim