Victoria Francés - MandrakMoors Dolls "Lunnula Moonbeams‏ ”

Feeple60 2015.12.18 15:44


It’s me again, Chief Producer of CP/FairyLand. 

I hope you still recall the time when I posted the exciting news about our collaboration work with Victoria Frances about a year ago just this time of the year (If you don’t, the post is still available for view at 

And I am more than happy to introduce our second project [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] of MANDRAKMOORS, thanks to Victoria who inspires us everyday. [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] project underwent numerous trials and errors, perhaps more than usual to create a perfect artwork that truly reflects delicate concept design of the artist. In the end, we are just glad to have recreated her work as a team thanks to our design, sculpting and makeup team. My only wish is that we have successfully shown our capability to deliver what the artist originally intended to express. 

[ Lunnula Moonbeams ] is planned to be released as a Designer‘s Complete* Package (DC : Full Package + Art Complete + Art Eye) similar to Sionna Fomhar during 2016 Winter Event.  

Val Jim, our in-house music director, carried heavy burdens to depict Lunnula’s particular tone and decided to recruit ‘ Darkness ’ from his band for the Spanish guitar and electronic guitar session. I would like to personally thank Darkness for his acceptance to play the session, without any moment of hesitation. 

The youtube link of [ Lunnula Moonbeams ] is available for view at page. 

More information from the artist is also available from her Facebook page atés-Official-130915713670544/?fref=ts

I will keep you posted with news about our next project in near future. 

In the meantime, we wish all lovers and supporters of CP/FairyLand dolls 
a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 


I would also like to extend a special gratitude to Oscar and Vincente for lending a hand during busy time.

Designer's Complete refers to handmade items crafted from FairyLand's art studio that is not available for purchase otherwise. For instance, necklace and hood tail items marked as 'white metal' on Sionna's sales page have been crafted from FairyLand's art studio based on Victoria Francés' original design.