2015 Fairy Line Release Event Informations

분류없음 2015.10.08 18:22

a. PukiFee Faceplate(FLAP)

b. LittleFee Faceplate(FLAL)

c. MiniFee Head(FLAM)

d. Feeple60 Head(FLA60)

a. $350 or above: PukiFee Faceplate(FLAP)- Fairyline Anniversary Pukifee
b. $450 or above: LittleFee Faceplate(FLAL)- Fairyline Anniversary Littlefee
c. $600 or above: MiniFee Head(FLAM)- Fairyline Anniversary Minifee
d. $800 or above: Feeple60 Head(FLA60)- Fairyline Anniversary Feeple60 
e. $1500 or above: Choice of 3 items from a ~ d (one item each, OR otherwise randomly selected. ) 

f. $2000 or above: Choice of ALL 4 items from a ~ d (one item each)