Message from CP about FeePle65

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Hello everyone! This is CP (Chief Producer) of CP (Cerberus Project) ^_^
It's been a while since last message was updated on this blog.
This posting is mainly about our new line-up, FeePle65.

It took us 17 months alone in the production of FeePle65's initial version. Then, after constructing the basic components of FeePle65, it took more than 6 months of modification following some exchange of ideas between the sculpting team and the design team. Overall, we have spent nearly two years to introduce this new line-up to the bjd world.

FeePle65 has been designed to reflect CP's idea (and the sculptor G.O's taste) of sculpting balance and innovative action.
First prototype (PPT Ver.1) has been modified following some issues in the movements, giving birth to the second prototype (PPT Ver.2). From here we have had many meetings with Sunny Day, our concept artist, to identify problems and spent more than 3 months on modification.
During this time, modifications to both bodies - eg. making boy body less muscular and changing the location of girl body's waistline - we were nearly at the tenth prototype. Our new action system EEAS (Easy Eject Arm System) also contributed to increasing the number of prototypes.

We are hoping that EEAS, which is being introduced for the first time ever, will be able to provide more versatile expressions and joy to the owners of FeePle65. This system will allow easy change of the arms, similar to the EE (Easy Eject) system for the head.

When FeePle70 was being developed, certain things that we wanted to do with sculpts could not be incorporated because we had to consider the compatibility with CP's existing 60cm doll line-up. We wanted to do more with FeePle65, and we aimed to create sculpts that are close to perfection by obtaining valuable data from joints being used by MiniFee, Pukipuki, LittleFee, PukiFee and Chic Line.

Our goals included having Mag-on system incorporated into the head, back, hands and feet, Easy Eject systems, advantages of using faceplate systems, easy interchangeable parts and creating natural posing of the body... and we were able to challenge and clear one goal at a time to reach where we are now.

We are guessing that many ball-jointed doll enthusiasts would have many questions regarding our FeePle65.
So here are some (potential) FAQ's on FeePle65.
1. FeePle65 head is attached to the body by both EE system as well as the faceplate system, meaning FeePle70 head can be used on FeePle65 body.

2. Hands are attached by Mag-on system.
FeePle70 hands can be used on FeePle65 but the wrist part has to be removed in order to have the hand part hooked directly to the elastic cords.
Please note that FeePle65 hands are larger than FeePle70 hands, and hence we do not recommend interchanging of the hands personally, due to the overall balance of the sculpt.
3. We are estimating that most 9 inch wigs will be compatible with FeePle65.
FeePle65 feet are larger than FeePle70, so most FeePle70 shoes are unlikely to be compatible with FeePle65 unless they are large sized shoes.
4. FeePle65 A la Carte is expected to be released around the summer of 2011.
Muscular boy body and large bust girl body are the only body options available at this stage.
Due to the shortage of manpower at both CP and Fairyland, we are unable to process large amount of workload at one point in time. Thank you for your kind understanding.
More information on FeePle65 A la Carte will be released in the future.
5. Currently we have no plans to make "MiniFee A-Line" version of FeePle65.
However, there are plans for various concepts of sculpts thanks to the EEAS system which allows easy changing of arms. So it is possible that arms similar to MiniFee A-Line will be released in the future.
We hope that the most important questions related to FeePle65 have been answered above.

Now, here are some additional questions and rumours (^^;) regarding FeePle65 release.

1. What is going to happen to Chic Line?
We are working on Chic Line too! However, we want you to understand that out of all of our line-ups, Chic Line is the most difficult one to prepare when it comes to producing the outfits, shoes, wigs and accessories.  This then delays the production of Chic Line Full Packages.
We do always try to introduce new products for each line-ups in rotation, and we are working our hardest to have new Chic Line products ready for the next rotation.
2. Will there be FeePle60?
Sorry, we can't comment at this stage ^^;;;
3. The rumour?
We are aware of some talks - possibly even some false information (Breakaway Head notice incident???) - among the BJD owners about Delfs due to FeePle65 release. Our 60cm line-up, currently being sold at Luts under the brand name Delf, is our very precious (and the oldest) line-up that we are still actively producing. Of course, we are still on good terms with our partner Luts. Therefore we believe that it is undesirable for us (CP) to make comments about our partner as well as the 60cm line up at the time of FeePle65 release. We thank you for your kind understanding of the situation, and we hope that our customers will also appreciate the partnership we have with Luts. 

* We do want to correct one information which many people seem to be confused about.
Almost all of our 60cm line-ups (Ari, Soo, Chiwoo, Shiwoo, El, Lishe, Moon etc.. etc... as well as the body) have been designed, named and sculpted by G.O the sculptor and Cerberus Project.

That's all that we (CP) would like to say about FeePle65 release ^-^
Please feel free to use the CS Center at FairyLand if you have any other questions.
(Big thanks and love to FairyLand English Administrators Liria and Chris! ^^;;;)

We wish you happy holidays with your precious little ones. Have a great day!