Minami Kotori - Wonder Festival Limited Edition

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Minami Kotori - Wonder Festival Limited Edition

Sunny Day

Dear customers,

Hello? This is chief producer of CP/Fairyland.

I’d like to announce that ‘Love Live – Minami Kotori’ will be on sale during the Wonder Festival. It has been 16 year since we have been participating in Wonder Festival, and we will sell Minami Kotori for this time under the “One day License system”. (License allowed only on the day of sales for the limited quantity.)

Based on the Moe Body of Madoka Magica that has been sold through Polygonia in Japan, we have modified the sculpture of chest parts for Minami Kotori and created handmade eyes by ourselves Cerberus Project.

Manami Kotori will be available 20 sets exclusively for on-site sale of Wonder Festival.

(Selling price should be 97,000.)

It is regret for us not to be able to release Minami Kotori for official sales due to the special feature of license, but we would like to introduce her even through video as it is created celebrating our 30th participation in Wonder Festival.

I wish you to enjoy our video, and please refer to the blogs in below links where you can find the dolls to be presented in Wonder Festival and the process of our doll development.




Thank you for your support as always!!

(*Please understand that any questions concerning Minami Kotori will not be answered through e-mail or CS board of our homepage because it is allowed for the sales only on site of Wonder Festival. Thank you!)