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  1. 2018.09.27 2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)
  2. 2018.09.27 MiniFee Hwayu Package Parts
  3. 2017.12.11 MiniFee New Body
  4. 2016.09.01 A line & A line renewal body
  5. 2016.08.27 Ria - Coming Soon (Minifee A-Line Renewal )
  6. 2016.04.21 New MiniFee Coming Soon ... (Rohan)
  7. 2015.06.18 Project Liria - the scent of a Boronia serrulata rose
  8. 2014.04.11 MiniFee - Art Complete Package : Risse(Red Riding Hood)
  9. 2014.04.10 New MiniFee - "Coming Soon" : Moe Boy Body
  10. 2014.01.14 Coming soon - Tika(Wolf) & Rin(Sheep)

2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)

MineFee 2018.09.27 15:06

MiniFee Hwayu Package Parts

MineFee 2018.09.27 14:59

MiniFee New Body

MineFee 2017.12.11 11:03

A line & A line renewal body

MineFee 2016.09.01 19:06

Ria - Coming Soon (Minifee A-Line Renewal )

MineFee 2016.08.27 15:36

New MiniFee Coming Soon ... (Rohan)

MineFee 2016.04.21 17:12

Project Liria - the scent of a Boronia serrulata rose

MineFee 2015.06.18 17:57


This is a chief producer of CP/FairyLand. 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your enthusiastic support for RealFee release event. 

My original plan was to introduce ‘Project Liria’ in sequence during the RealFee release event period, which ended prematurely thanks to its popularity. Despite this, I am determined to introduce ‘Project Liria’, a project of appreciation, to my dear colleagues - our sculpting team and all staff members-  who have been working alongside with me for all this years. To minimise the burden on our processing team, ‘Project Liria’ will be available for sale for a limited period from June 20th ~ 30th as a result. 

If you have been a long time follower, you might recognise what ‘Project Liria’ stands for. 

In fact, Liria was our English website CS administrator till last December since 2003. At the time, CP (Cerberus Project) started off as a ‘Far East Doll Company’ and was making ‘Ari’ and ‘Soo’ in small numbers only.

I freak out when I hear anything in English and I was even more scared and nervous when I received English inquiries all the way back then. My English isn’t sufficient enough to provide adequate answers but by stroke of luck, Liria contacted me to help out with English inquiries. Thanks to her, that is when we started to send out our dolls to oversea buyers.  

I still recall the day when she visited our workroom for the first time during her winter break back in 2003. It was a particularly cold day and she was all wrapped up and her nose was red. I would like to thank you deeply for everything you have done for us, juggling school and work for the last twelve years. We probably wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for her (Our current English website administrator Chris joined our team four years ago, also introduced by Liria). 

This is my sixteenth year working for CP & FairyLand and Liria is amongst one of the ten people I am most grateful of while doing this job. Till she had to leave us due to her illness back in 2014 winter, I never got a chance to properly say thank you and had many regrets about it. I ended up discussing how to channel our team’s gratitude with Chris and decided to make a doll in honour of Liria and initiated ‘Project Liria’. 


Thank you for working with us for last twelve years. 

The day you contacted us about possible oversea sales will remain as a lucky day forever in our lives. And we hope ‘Project Liria’ will be a lucky charm in your life to bring many smiles and happiness. 


Project Liria Video : https://youtu.be/dy2hC0YTI40



MNF ‘Project Liria’ sculpt will be available only from June 20th till 30th. 

 After this period, ‘Project Liria’ sculpt will NEVER be available for choice from MNF A La Carte head option. 

In future, ’ Project Liria’ sculpt may be released in different FairyLand doll line sizes but under a different name, but never again in MNF size. 

‘Project Liria’ MNF Full package is limited to 68 sets ONLY and 67 sets will be available for sale. 

One set will be sent to Liria as a gift. 



MiniFee - Art Complete Package : Risse(Red Riding Hood)

MineFee 2014.04.11 13:50




New MiniFee - "Coming Soon" : Moe Boy Body

MineFee 2014.04.10 19:54



Coming soon - Tika(Wolf) & Rin(Sheep)

MineFee 2014.01.14 11:56

New Theme Line Up - "Tales of the Fairyland"

Minifee - Tika(Wolf) & Rin(Sheep)