Victoria Frances Doll Project ... In progress

카테고리 없음 2011. 7. 14. 11:33

Will be on display San Diego Comic-Con(July21 - 24) 

Booth Name : Yamato U.S.A

Booth Number : #4319

*display only

Sorry, For this plan, we not gotten any answer...Please do not ask...^^;;
CP & Fairyland
In this project ... Does not answer questions.
We will update the information in the future.

© Victoria Frances

■Sculptor  : G.O(Cerberus Project)
■Face Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project)
■Costume :  Sylphe du Sud(Fairy's Atelier)

Supervisor by Sunny Day, Produced by CP & Fairyland












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  1. Foxhourv 2011.07.14 15:40 Modify/Delete Reply

    She is more beautiful then any doll I've seen!

  2. 2011.07.15 00:43 Modify/Delete Reply


  3. kelli 2011.07.15 01:48 Modify/Delete Reply

    shes stunning!

  4. Teranyte 2011.07.15 19:02 Modify/Delete Reply

    OMG I HAVE to have her. I am totally in love. MUST have her, please please please reproduce her.
    I feel like a crazed fan lol

  5. clochette 2011.07.15 22:17 Modify/Delete Reply

    Where will she be on display at Comic-Con? She's beautiful.

  6. Iridal 2011.07.16 18:49 Modify/Delete Reply

    Oh, I love her!!!
    I have always been Victoria Frances fan

  7. Iridal 2011.07.16 18:50 Modify/Delete Reply

    Oh, I love her!!!
    I have always been Victoria Frances fan

  8. nikboo 2011.07.17 03:23 Modify/Delete Reply

    UGH - PLEASE let her be a new line (maybe 50cm), I'm dying for more mature/realistic dolls in the MSD range!!! And of course she's gonna need a hunky, masculine man ;)

  9. Katherine 2011.07.20 18:20 Modify/Delete Reply

    WANT! :OOoooo Wow I cannot wait for this girl to be released!

  10. Urszula 2011.07.21 18:51 Modify/Delete Reply

    Wow she is great. When I could buy her ?

  11. napria 2011.07.25 01:15 Modify/Delete Reply

    Please say she's not a one-off or limited. Those shoulder joints are amazing! I can't wait to see more of her, especially after experiencing firsthand the incredible engineering of my FeePle65! I really want her too.

  12. Paulina 2011.07.25 03:44 Modify/Delete Reply

    please make her in basic sale, please, please, please....I can't afford limited or one-off's dolls...and I really love her! And please let us now more about her very soon! I bet if you make this doll new like, she will be a hit! I already see in comments many people are very interested!

  13. Urszula 2011.07.25 18:26 Modify/Delete Reply

    The Comic Con has ended and I've heard FL is planing to go on holidays so when you will release infos concerning the doll ? We (clients) have to reconsider our financial budget plans - whether and when we could afford to buy her.

  14. Amy 2011.07.28 14:07 Modify/Delete Reply

    She is beautiful and I can't wait to find out more about her! I love her character and she has a beautiful face sculpt. Well done once again on a wonderful creation! The more I look at her, the more I feel I just might have to have her! I hope to hear more news soon!

  15. thegreatkait 2011.08.19 02:18 Modify/Delete Reply

    I hope you can give us a little info soon. I'm trying to save for her, but I don't even know how much to save. =/ I really love her, please let us know something soon! =]

  16. maría 2011.08.25 23:30 Modify/Delete Reply

    I hope that some day you teach a pukifee Ruby or darjeeling ^o^

  17. pumpkita 2011.09.22 04:38 Modify/Delete Reply

    I hope you release this doll! is amazing!! and also hope it won't be a limited edition.... it would be great to buy it in an all-included-pack with makeup and dress ^^ hoping to hear news about it soon!

  18. Rochel 2011.09.25 17:24 Modify/Delete Reply

    It would be lovely to have this sculpt as a feeple 65 doll !

  19. 2011.12.09 07:05 Modify/Delete Reply


  20. marshmallow 2012.03.12 03:52 Modify/Delete Reply

    any news? please, she's too beautiful to be unreleased! *-*

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