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CP Now 2012.03.23 15:37
Dear customers,

Firstly we would like to thank all the supports and interests in VF doll. We would like to let our customers know that CP and FairyLand remain only as a manufacturer of the VF doll and do not take any part in license and sales agreement. This situation puts us in a very tricky position to make comments or answer questions regarding the doll since this has more to do with the nature of the contract we are in. 

To cut to the conclusion, we would like to let you know that "things are on the way". 
We are currently working on modification and editing of the sample product. The reason why it took longer than usual is due to the long negotiation talk regarding the copyrights and the fact that there is no direct communication channel between us and the artist (since there are other parties involved in this project).
We have just received an order regarding the final modification which is being worked on. Once it is completed, then it has to be approved back by the artist again. 
Therefore, please expect a little longer waiting time (possibly few months, maybe even longer) until the actual sale starts. As far as we know, the method of sale also remains unconfirmed at this stage. 

Yamato Japan, the company that we are working with directly, will decide and announce the method of sale and the price after all modification work is completed.
We are aware that the wait has been long, but we wish to let you know that we are working to produce the best outcome and respecting the wishes of the original artist. 

CP and FairyLand are no longer able to provide any more information of VF doll until the sale announcement is made by the distributing company, as it would not be appropriate for us to make any further comments due to the nature of the sales agreement. We ask for your kind understanding. 
We hope to update some photos and stories on our blog once all the final contracts are approved and we receive an approval from the distributor to do so.

Thank you ^^


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