Feeple60 - Regular body (Female, Male)

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2nd message from CP

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As many of you have guessed after the first message containing a photo of upcoming FeePle60, the dolls featured in the photograph are Karsh and Chloe.

However, there is one surprise to these two FeePle60 Full Packages!

We will be offering a "Mini A la Carte" system for the Full Packages.
This means that you will be able to select the type of head and body for the chosen Full Package.

During our design team meeting, Karsh and Chloe were chosen to be the photograph models as they were best suited to the Full Package concepts. But you will also be able to choose the following heads;

Boy : 1. Karsh                     Girl : 1.Chloe
        2. Luka                              2. Mirwen
        3. EL                                 3. Lishe

and following bodies;

Boy : 1. Muscular body         Girl : 1. Large bust body
        2. Regular body                   2. Regular body

As for makeup, only one style of default makeup is available regardless of the type of head chosen.
Other options such as hands are not available at this stage.

Total of 150 Limited Full Packages (boy and girl combined together) will be available. Both products will be sold out once the total number of Full Packages ordered counts to 150 sets (not 75 sets of boy and 75 sets of girl Full Package separately).

Muscular boy body and Large bust girl body are featured in the promotional photographs.
We are unable to provide photographs in regular bodies. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Also we wish to let you know that changing head and body options after order placement is not possible.
The order will need to be cancelled and replaced if change is to be requested. We ask that you make a careful decision when placing an order.

Thank you!












Feeple60 - Female Body

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