FeePle60 - Lacrima(Tears of Raven)

Feeple60 2015.10.23 14:48

Dear Customers,

This is chief producer of CP/Fairyland.

We are happy to introduce Feeple60 – Lacrima (tears of Raven).

Lacrima (Tears of Raven) has been designed to celebrate 5th year anniversary of “Sylphe du sud” (HheJueng, Cho), designer behind creations of Fairy’s Atelier, based on her long-desired concept and design.

In Korean Shamanism, Raven is considered as numinous bird who delivers the will of God. At the same time, Raven is the symbol of foreboding who leads the dead sprits ironically.

In order to express these two opposite images of Raven, beautiful but gloomy, our designers (Sunny Day, Sylphe du Syd, Hye) have made different attempts by attaching natural feathers on costumes and dying mohair in order to have the wig that matches well with the image of Lacrima (Tears of Raven.)

The concept of Lacrima (Tears of Raven) is that she is a guide leading sorrowful spirits to their incarnation and weeps with sympathy by sharing the grief of the spirits.

In order to get the pictures full of lonely and solitary ambience, our sculptors, G.O (Il Hyung, Cho) and French Doll (Young Ju, Kim), have made a gloomy and mysterious background with dry branches and dead leaves.

Val Jim has created a very beautiful music that goes along with its lonely concept, and the nice touch of Abel Choryeon on the pictures that I’ve taken has completed the image by adding gloomy ambience.(CP Media will be available after 8PM (KST) of 24th October, 2015)

 I’d like to express my gratitude to our staffs who made enormous efforts for the birth of Lacrima (Tears of Raven).

Thank you for your support for our CP/Fairyland as well as for Lacrima (Tears of Raven.)









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