2015 Fairy Line Release Event Informations

분류없음 2015/10/08 18:22

a. PukiFee Faceplate(FLAP)

b. LittleFee Faceplate(FLAL)

c. MiniFee Head(FLAM)

d. Feeple60 Head(FLA60)

a. $350 or above: PukiFee Faceplate(FLAP)- Fairyline Anniversary Pukifee
b. $450 or above: LittleFee Faceplate(FLAL)- Fairyline Anniversary Littlefee
c. $600 or above: MiniFee Head(FLAM)- Fairyline Anniversary Minifee
d. $800 or above: Feeple60 Head(FLA60)- Fairyline Anniversary Feeple60 
e. $1500 or above: Choice of 3 items from a ~ d (one item each, OR otherwise randomly selected. ) 

f. $2000 or above: Choice of ALL 4 items from a ~ d (one item each)

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...Fairyline Development Story ...

분류없음 2015/10/07 17:45

This is Kim Sun-Hwa, chief producer of CP/Fairyland.

Prior to the launch of our latest new lineup Fairy Line, I would like to share a small background story behind its creation.

Sia and Mari were inspired by my 5-year-old daughter whose favourite bedtime story is The Little Mermaid.

One night, my little girl told me that she felt sorry for the Sea Witch. Curious, I was inclined to find out why she felt that way especially for the witch and not for the Little Mermaid. To my surprise, she replied that she does take pity on the Little Mermaid but since the Sea Witch doesn’t seem to have any friends, she feels more sorry for the Sea Witch.

Her completely different perspectives to view this world we live together, stories and imaginations that only she can come up with… That is how project Fairy Line started, based on her story, in the Sea Witch’s perspective.

Physical basis to realise the Little Mermaid already existed in forms of our earlier launch, RealFée and our initial plan for the Sea Witch was also in forms of RealFée. However, as our understanding of Sia and her character deepened, we decided to develop a new body for this Fairy Line that is MNF sized with pose-ability and mobility superior than RealFée.

To reflect her ambivalent love for mankind and human beings; omnipotent magical power; and as a long time witness of a vicious cycle of love that sacrificed mermaids and their transformation into sylphs as a result of the Law of Equivalent Exchange; Sia was to be a witch, melancholic and suppressing her rage, thus outcasted from her world yet remaining beautiful, arrogant, bit blue and sad all at same time.

My personal experience of developing Feeple65 and Chic Line was far from a walk in the park. For this reason, I dreaded to develop anything larger than RealFée but to create the ideal image that met mine and design team’s satisfaction, we had no choice but to spend days like a hamster in a wheel, thinking, making, discussing, thinking and more. Fortunately, thanks to G.O (Cho Il Hyung) with years and years of experiences, ideas and know-hows, one by one, we were able to meet our target goals set by our design team.

The Sea Witch was based on the image of seahorse that we keep in our small fish tank which you’ve probably seen in the introductory Sia youtubue video rather than the actual technical aspect of movement sequence; the image has not been manipulated in any ways but directly shot through the fish tank. It has two sea horses that helped sculpting and imitating the actual movement of joints. And I believe we have done as much as possible to realise the Sia we’ve dreamed of.

RealFée Mari is based on the original storyline of The Little Mermaid, kind and loving, who doesn’t ming hanging out with desolate Sia. Our concept design of Sia’s magical mirror is meant to reflect mermaids’ transformed human forms. Through the looking glass, they fall in love with human beings and start to grow desires to be with human. Thus, we focused on Mari’s aesthetics, emphasising her adorableness.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our staff members for their long hours of efforts to realise my little girl’s whimsical nonsense. Also, I would like to personally thank Val Jim, of CP Media who composed most appropriate music to go along with Sia.

I realise this has been a long rant but I really wanted to get across how Fairy Line Sia and Mari were created. Thank you for reading and for your support.

Thank you so much.


- p.s :

CP Media team is group of CP/FairyLand staff members who process pictures, media and music. CP Media is made up of; Abel Choryeon, responsible for video and picture editing as well as concept art; Val Jim, responsible for music composing, video shooting and concept design; me, responsible for taking pictures and overall producing and directing. CP Media is currently working on my long time dream, a story book based on dolls we have created, along with Jae Chul Yu who works at processing department and drawing. Everything in the story book is hand painted and expected to be released soon.




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Fairyline "Sia" - Seahorse parts Color

Fairy Line 2015/10/07 17:10


*. Actual product pictures of unpainted resin parts






Fairyline Full Package(Full Option Package) - Accessory parts




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